The Multimedia Thesaurus (MMT) – 2002         becoming 


Interactive Multimedia Playroom (IMP) - 2005


Network of Exploratory Spaces for temporal Arts Research (NESTAR) 2008




These projects grew out of my desire to develop a more refined descriptive vocabulary for music, and a perceived need for more adequate terminology for discussing sound in multimedia contexts, especially among potential collaborators who may not have an intimate knowledge of music jargon. The initial project was first presented in conceptual form at the ESCOM conference in 2003; the first prototype of the IMP was inaugurated at the Concordia Hexagram facilities in October 2005.  The projects received initial funding from Hexagram and CIAM; subsequently a small but very helpful support from Canada’s federal granting agency Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)We are currently applying for EU support to set up a base in Madrid.


IMP-NESTAR consists of a several physical installations in different environments (labs, school, science centre, film festival) which we hope to connect soon by virtual means and a loosely-knit but growing team of researchers, artists and collaborators in various disciplines (music, psychology, theatre, sculpture, film, translation, gaming, communication, software development, etc) and countries (Canada, USA, Portugal, Spain, England, France, Norway, New Zealand, etc). 


Each installation is a platform for exploring the effects of sound on image, and vice versa, and the terminology that might be appropriate for describing and classifying them. As people an encouraged to explore in groups, the project also stimulates discussion and promotes better understanding of the variety of perspectives/perceptions and word usage.


further information can be found on the website (still under construction):