☻SAQ s   (seldom-asked questions)


1.  When pouring two or more glasses of liquid (coffee, water, gin+tonic, etc.) do you use time and/or sound as a guide?

definitely not / not consciously / rarely / sometimes / usually / invariably

Do you know any specific glasses/mugs of your collection well enough to judge the level by sound without looking ?

2. What is your preferred word relating to the area of investigation and works involving music and some other medium?  Why?  How many of the following do you use?  Are they interchangeable?  If not, explain.

Interdisciplinarity / interdisciplinary

Transdisciplinarity / transdisciplinary

Crossdiscipline / crossdisciplinary





Multimodality / multimodal

Polymodality / polymodal

Crossmodality / crossmodal

Transmodality / transmodal

Interaction of media

Interactive media

Interactive modality

         [my favourite:  MUSIC + ]

more SAQs

from Module I of AR -- originally called Further Food for Thought

FFT1) How do you choose an appropriate CD from your collection to match a specific mood / occasion?  Do you walk over to your collection, visually scan the covers/names/sections (if you have them organized by style or era) and narrow down the choices?  When you have found a potential one, do you stand there and reconstruct a few seconds of the work aurally in your head?  Or do you hear a beat / an instrument / a specific piece in your head, and then walk over to the collection and retrieve a matching CD?  How do you think music is classified in your head -- by style? by composer? by instrumentation?


FFT2) Imagine that you turn on the radio, and within three seconds of hearing some music, decide that you don't want to listen to it.  What are likely to be the major contributing factors?

(e.g:   instrumentation -- I hate vibes!

          style - I hate opera! ;

specific knowledge of the piece - I hate Mozart's 40th!;

mood - I don't want a lively jig right now!

interpretation - Boy, they're playing rigidly!

complexity - I don't have the energy to concentrate on Stockhausen tonight!)