What is a musical texture?

What does it share with / how does it differ from

textures of fabric

surface textures of objects

texture in flat visual representations (wallpaper, painting, etc) ?

I have been examining textures in music for years, and am now trying to refine the concept(s) so that we can talk about musical textures in terms beyond "dense" & "sparse".

If we can describe the difference between non-musical textures, can that help us in formulating an appropriate vocabulary for musical textures?  Which of the following terms (if any) would make sense to you in the description of a musical texture:

fluid, rough, variegated, intricate, evenly-patterned, monochrome, geometric, organic

Can you suggest terms that would be useful in differentiating classes of textures from each other?

Here are some visual textures, fabric textures, (pictures of) textures found in nature, and musical textures.  Can we identify some characteristics comparable with textures in other mediums?