... in progress: Harmony of Bel - with sculptor Harry Mountain

2006 soundtrack for Hexagram promotional video, Spica Productions, Montreal

2006 soundtrack for film extract / demo by Louise Lamarre - Forest

2002 sound design for experimental film River with Jean-Claude Bustros Montreal

1989 - score (vocals, synth) and performance (Korg M1) for music theatre piece Shake, Rattled, & Roar -- with C. Lee and Bonnie Worthington -- Vancouver, B.C.

1984 - concept and improvised amplified violin for Rubies: Research into Speech/Song -- with Michael Harding, poet -- Open Space Gallery, Victoria, B.C., Canada

1982 - score and violin for performance work Teiresias, with Will Ross, poet -- Off Centre Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1981 - score for dance To a Different Drummer with Elaine Bowman, choreographer -- University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1980 - presentation of tape piece collage of The Leonids and Triptych for opening of exhibition of paintings by Katja Jacob, Simcoe Art Gallery, Simcoe, Ontario

1978 - sound sculpture for Menuhin's CBC series The Music of Man designed and built in collaboration with R. Murray Schafer and Harry Mountain (see "Bricolage", pp.294ff, of The Thinking Ear by Schafer; The Music of Man by Menuhin.)

1978 - score and performance of music for performance piece Ivy's Night / Edna's Days by Rae Davis -- London, Ont. (see Being and Doing - Rae Davis: Work (1959-86) by G. Rans, pp. 35ff )