Selected Performances of Compositions: 

                    **  see SoundCloud for excerpts **

2014       MostELinODatiIES (violin duo) – C Merkel & J Zubot; Prelude: Under Pressure (mixed ensemble) – C Jackson, L Adams, C Ellison, P Battikha, G Dimitrov, H Gagné, et al.; Laughter for the Living – Sarah Albu; Reflections/Lament , H Gagné.  Rosemary Mountain Retrospective Concert, Concordia University Music Dept. , Montreal

2010       Fragments of Memory (electroacoustic) – 60x60 project:  (Order of Magnitude Mix, Vermilion Mix, Canada Mix)  performed  at Concordia University, Montreal (with dance); Stony Brook University, New York; Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany; Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana; EMM Festival, Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois

2010       Magh Mell (small ensemble) Smith family members, Toronto

2008       Eddies in the River of Memory (electroacoustic)  

2008       Sondas Sonoras (piano) – Goar Manvelyan – Concordia University, Montreal

2006       Poly Ia (chamber orchestra) – Concordia Orchestra, Hélène Gagné conductor      

2006       ambient music for Hexagram gala inauguration, to accompany works by Sha Xin Wei, Jason Lewis, Nicolas Reeves

2005       Eight Daydreams (for Tristan) – piano – L. Salvador, Concordia U, Montreal

2005       Sondas Sonoras - piano - Masa Milosovic, Concordia Univ. Montreal

2004       Poly Ia – Concordia Orchestra, cond. H. Gagné, Concordia Univ. Montreal;

2004       The Back Garden (chamber ens.) – Graduate Student Ensemble under L. Samson, Concordia Univ, Montreal

2002       Reflections/Lament and Underground Streams – H Gagné & P Reimer, Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, Montreal;

2002       Eddies in the River of Memory (electroacoustic) - Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2002       Bits & Pieces (electroacoustic) Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2002       Linear LR (flute, guitar, support media -Liselyn Adams & Roddy Ellias), Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2002       Bits & Pieces (electroacoustic)- Maid in Cyberspace Festival, Montreal, Canada.

2001       Here & There, A Crack (electroacoustic) - Music without Walls? Music without Instruments? conference, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

2001       Reflections/Lament - (violin) -- Rosemary Mountain -- Toronto & Montreal, Canada

1999       Intersections (flute) - István Matuz, Ghent, Belgium; Oporto & Aveiro, Portugal; Budapest, Hungary

1999         Ambar - Kandinsky Quartet (Associación Catalana de Compositores) Aveiro, Portugal

1998       Pavillons en l'Air (carillon)-- Luc Rombouts, Leuven, Belgium(inauguration of listening garden)

1996       String Trio -- Edmonton New Music Festival, Edmonton, Alta., Canada

1996         Spring Thaw (piano) -- Nancy Harper, Norway tour

1995       Sondas Sonoras [Sound Probes] (piano) -- John MacKay, Aveiro, Portugal

1993       Tremors in the Fens (brass choir) -- Peterborough Youth Concert Band under Andrew Turner,  Peterborough, England  

1992       Underground Streams (vc, pno) -- Christoph Both & Bruce Vogt -  tour, Germany  & Poland; International Cello Festival, Montréal; Simon Fraser U., Vancouver.

1990       Poly I (string quintet) -- Pro Nova String Quartet and M. Satanove  --  Vancouver Composers' Showcase series, B.C., Canada.

1989       The Fish Weren't Jumping (tape) -- Vancouver Composers' Showcase series

1988       ... more or less ... -- UVic Percussion Ensemble, Victoria, B.C., Canada

               Subterranean and Under the Microscope (tape) -- Univ. of Victoria, B.C. Canada

1987       Designs in Brass -- Emerald City Brass Quintet -- Seattle, U.S.A.

1986       String Trio -- L. Friesen, J. Karlovsky, P. Caton -- Festival of Contemporary Chamber Music, Victoria, B.C.;

1986       Impromptu  (J. Kennedy, bass fl); Laughter for the Living (J. Jackson, mezzo, and tape); Here & There,a Crack (tape); MostELinODatiIES (R. Mountain, B. Waldbauer, vlns); Back on the Outside (R. Mountain, amplified vln, J. Wright, bass, D. Mason, perc.) -- Open Ears Series, Open Space, Victoria, B.C.;

1986       The Emperor's New Music -- UVic Wind Symphony, Jesse Read, Victoria, B.C.;

1986       8 Daydreams (piano) -- Tristan Smith, Ottawa, Canada

1985       Dance Suite II (sax trio); The Magellanic Clouds (clar, tpt. harp, perc.) -- Univ. of Victoria New Music Ensemble, Victoria, Canada

1984       Shifting Perspectives (a capella choir)-- Pro Arte Singers, B Jackson, Kingston, Ont;

1984       Geranium Lake/Raw Sienna (alto sax, bass, perc) -- Masini, Riches, Arnold & Clements -- Critic & Composer Symposium, Victoria, B.C.

1984       Pavillons en l'Air (carillon) H. Bergink, Provincial Museum, Victoria, B.C.

1980       Cityscape -- UWO New Music Ensemble, London, Ontario, Canada

1980       The Leonids and Triptych (tape)-- McIntosh Gallery, Univ. of Western Ontario; also at Simcoe Art Gallery, Simcoe, Ontario