Writings & Presentations


Now Available: Conversational Musicology:  a composer’s perspective


theory & analysis general

[in progress: Template for a Tool Kit  - described in Conversational Musicology]

“Profile of an Armchair Researcher” – talk at CIRMMT, McGill U, Montreal – Sept 2014.

Theories market: open for trading  presented at Musiques électroacoustiques. Un siècle dinvention du son technologique. Ressources, discours et outils danalyse, organized by the Sorbonne and de Montfort Universities, INA/GRM, le Musée de la musique, and the Electronic Music Foundation; Paris, Oct. 15-17, 2003  --  also published in Organised Sound  9/1: 15-26.

The Armchair Researcher multi-modal poster session presented at Toronto2000: Musical Intersections (through the Society of Music Perception & Cognition), Toronto, Canada, November 2000.

rhythmic theory

Review of Hearing in Time by Justin London for Music Perception, summer 07 : pre-proof

SuperPulse:  Clarifications, Refinements, Implications presented at the conference of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition, Kingston, Ontario, August 2001 see Proceedings.

An Investigation of Periodicity in Music, with reference to three 20th-century compositions: Bartoks Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta, Lutoslawskis Concerto for Orchestra, and  Ligeti's Chamber Concerto.  Ann Arbor, Mich: UMI -  PhD diss (U. Victoria, Canada) 1993. digitized copy for consultation in Canada

musical time

[in progress A Musician's Guide to Time]

"Traces of Time: Reflections of a Musician" at the triennial conference of the International Society for the Study of Time, Crete, June-July 2013

"A Musician's Guide to Time" presented at the triennial conference of the International Society for the Study of Time, MonteVerde, Costa Rica - July 2010.

The Breathing of Time in(to) Music presented at the V triennial ESCOM conference (European Society for Cognitive Studies in Music), Hannover, Germany, 2003

Time: Musics Medium special lecture presented to FFAR250, undergraduate art survey course for Faculty of Fine Arts students, Concordia University, Montreal, 2001

"Percepção do Tempo pela Óptica Musical"  [Perception of Time through the Lens of Music] - presented at the 2nd Annual Festival of Music at the Univ. of Aveiro, 1998.

"Temporal Aspects of Music - Perception of Time" - talk presented at the Dept. of  Music, Univ. of Toronto, Canada, 1998.

The Training of Time-Smiths presented at the VII International Symposium on Systematic and Comparative Musicology / III International Conference on Cognitive Musicology, Jyväskyla, Finland, 2001 see Proceedings.

Factors that Influence our Perception of Time in Music, Proceedings of the CEC conference >convergence<, Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada, 1989.

auditive analysis

ASA & EA [Auditory Scene Analysis & Electroacoustics] presented at EMS-09, Electroacoustic Music Studies conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina - June 2009

Panel member (with Jean-Claude Risset & Francois-Xavier Feron) - Auditory Illusions workshop, CIRMMT, McGill University, Montreal - March 2011

Sorting out the Strata - Revisited presented at the Music Cognition Seminar of the Brain and Cognition Department, University of Rochester; the Psychology Department, Cornell University; and Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York, April, 2001 (invitation of Carol Krumhansl)

Sorting out the Strata: Auditory Scene Analysis Applied presented at the Dept. of Music, Univ. of Ottawa and to Dr. Al Bregmans graduate seminar, Psychology Dept, McGill University, Montréal, 1998.

Análise Auditiva [Auditive Analysis]  4-day workshop, Univ. of Aveiro Feb. 1997.

musical texture & gesture

Seminar / workshop on gesture in music and dance, Contemporary Dance Dept, Concordia Univ, 2000

[Periodicity and Musical Texture unpublished - written for Aspects of Musical Textures, edited by Gerald Gabel - completed in 1998]

Time and Texture, ex tempore, vol VII.1 (1994): 129-190.


"Sorting sounds: testing tools and strategies presented at the Electroacoustic Music Studies EMS-08 conference, Paris-GRM  - June 2008.  pre-proof: SortingSounds

From Wire to Computer: Francis Dhomont at 80,  in Computer Music Journal 30:3 (fall 2006), 10-21.

"lCMC Concert Reviews: Concert 5 in Array, winter 2006, pp. 10-12.ICMC 2004 Concert Reviews.

Contribution to panel discussion Are our expanded horizons leading us to new audiences? with L. Landy, J. Chadabe, M. Schedel at the International Computer Music Conference, Miami, 2004;  published as Marketing strategies for electroacoustics and computer music in Organised Sound 9/3: 307-314.  

Creating and Contributing. The Expansive Spirit of Marcelle Deschênes, Musicworks, No 86. Toronto: Music Gallery: 14-21, 2003.  [excerpts reprinted as liner notes of CD Empreintes Digitales .

“Gestures Glimpsed through holes in the acousmatic screen” [review of Rien à Voir series December 2001] MusicWorks 83: 54-55. 

Sculpting sound: the story of the CEC - CAML Review [Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres], 29/1:25-28, 2001 reprinted in e-contact 4.2.


“Incorporating a Study of Persian Music into Western Music Curricula” - talk presented at the Association of Iranian Studies conference, Montreal, 2014.

Facets of Islamic Musical Tradition  invited presentation at the Forum of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women  - Montreal, 2003

perception & musical imagery

The roles of auditory and cross-modal imagery in the compositional process presented at the Conference on Musical Imagery, VI International Conf. on Systematic & Comparative Musicology, Oslo, Norway, June 1999; published as Composers & Imagery: Myths & Realitiesch. 15 of Musical Imagery, Lisse: Swets & Zeitlinger, 2001, pp.271-288. pre-proof


Talk on creativity and composition given to students at Lonergan College, Concordia University, at the invitation of Prof. Joanne Bottenberg, spring 2001.

Gebrauchsmusik Revived: Contemporary Music for Children" - presented at the  European Piano Teachers Association - Portugal conference, Univ. of Aveiro, March 1999.

Composition: my laboratory for auditory perception research presented at the Symposium of Musical Cognition and Behavior Relevance for Music Composing University of Rome La Sapienza (ECONA/ESCOM), May 1998; published  in General Psychology, 99/3, Edizioni Scientifiche, Rome,1999.

 music & multimedia

 "The urgent need for increased sensitivity to sound" at the Avanca International Conference Cinema | Art, Technology, Communication - July 2011.

Interactive Multimedia Playroom / Thesaurus / NESTAR

[in progress The Playroom Phenomenon]

4-day installation of the Interactive Multimedia Playroom at the conference Espacios Sonoros hosted by the Centro Superior de Investigación y Promoción de la Música de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (CSIPM-UAM)  - March 2013.

installation of the Interactive Multimedia Playroom at the Avanca | Cinema: International Conference Cinema: Art, Technology, Communication - July 2012

Production of the booklet Overview of the Interactive Multimedia Playroom & NESTAR: a network of exploratory spaces for Temporal Arts Research - PDF online (www.IMP-NESTAR.com) - English & French versions, 40 pp. - Mar 2012 (French translation July 2012)

installation of the Interactive Multimedia Playroom at the Avanca | Cinema: International Conference Cinema: Art, Technology, Communication - July 2011 .

Presentation of the IMP-Cubed at the Science & Technology Open Days, University of Aveiro, Portugal with A Veloso - Nov 2010

Installation of the Interactive Multimedia Playroom at the 2010 Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences, as a featured research project, Concordia University - June 2010

Interview with Ricardo Dal Farra, published on the website of the Centro de Experimentación e Investigación en Artes Electrónicas, 2008 .

ISME 2008-28th International Society for Music Education World Conference -presentation of the IMP as part of a Symposium-concert ‘Music of all ages ... and genders  with Nicole Carignan (University of Quebec at Montreal), Mireille Gagné ( Director, Canadian Music Centre  Quebec) and France Leblanc (Director, MAESTRA) - July 2008 

presentation of work-in-progress at the University of Aveiro, Portugal - June 2008

Symposium & installation of the Interactive Multimedia Playroom at Hexagram-Concordia Black Box, Montreal, Canada  - Oct. 2007 

Playful Tools, Serious Questions  presented at the Canadian Acoustical Association conference, Montreal, Canada - Oct. 2007

Installation of the Interactive Multimedia Playroom as special event for the Society for Music Perception and Cognition conference, Montreal, Canada - August 2007

Installation of the Interactive Multimedia Playroom at Oboro Gallery, Montreal, Canada - April May 2007

Name that mood! Describe that tune! Invitation to the IMP poster and demo at ISMIR [International Society for Music Information Retrieval], Victoria, BC, Canada Oct. 2006.

Report on the Interactive Multimedia Playroom - University of Prince Edward Island, Dept. of Psychology, Aug. 2006

Report on the Interactive Multimedia Playroom and Hexagram - in the context of DeCA in Festa - Department of Communication and Art, University of Aveiro, Portugal, July 2006

Tool / Game / Environment: The Interactive Multimedia Thesaurus & Playroom presented at EMS-05, Electroacoustic Music Studies conference, Montreal, Oct. 2005. 

MMT Travel Kit - demonstration presented at the International Computer Music Conference, Barcelona, Sept. 2005

Flexible Frameworks: The Multimedia Thesauruspresented at the V triennial ESCOM conference (European Society for Cognitive Studies in Music), Hannover, Germany, Sept. 2003 in Proceedings of the 5th triennial conference of ESCOM.  pre-proof

speculations on current / future trends

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, and music is a language, then how many notes is a picture worth?  presented at EMS-07, Electroacoustic Music Studies conference, Leicester, UK, June 2006

The Internet: The Untended Garden in Contemporary Music Review, v 24 / 6 (Dec. 2005): 551-559.

Possible Pathways Mikropolyphonie: Contemporary Music Online Journal (Australia) vol. 2.1 (1996)

Caveats from a Dyed-in-the-Wool Futurist presented at the conference Music without Walls?  Music without Instruments?  De Montfort U, Leicester, UK, 2001,  published in Organised Sound 8/1: 97-102.